Comparing Gall Formation on Main and Lateral Stolons in Whiplash and Mouse Ear Hawkweeds

By Keith Morgan

This was my first encounter with the data set, so in order to get familiar with the metrics and patterns in the data, I chose a straightforward representation to keep myself grounded. I attempted to show the number of main and lateral stolons that had been galled, in addition to the total number of galls that had formed on each species. These sets were expressed as the height of each collection of blocks in relation to the top of the clear walls on the sculpture. 
My process involved combining the data from all of the ages of the plants in each trial so that the comparison was left to differences between species instead of age. What this allowed me to do was show that proportionally speaking, the Whiplash species had more main stolons galled, while Mouse Ear had more lateral stolons galled. Still, when we look at the total number of galls that grew, it became apparent that both species grew an almost identical number of galls.