Crocheting the Relationships Between Galled and Ungalled Stolons

By Taelynn Graham

This visualization uses the exact same data as my interactive digital visualization. I decided to represent the length of each section with crochet stitches, and they became quite lengthy, which shows how much spreading the Hawkweed plants actually do. I want people to be able to really understand the proportion of stolons being galled, and having a tangible object that you can hold and stretch out really shows this in a way that isn’t quite as easily understood by looking at a digital shape. 
My intent was to keep the colours the same for both visualizations, so that viewers an easily move from one visualization to the other and be able to recognize that these are in fact the same pieces of data. The mounted crochet strips with a single strand down them represent the stolons galled and the average number of galls on these stolons. This is an added piece of data included to show how many galls exist in each section, and what it means in comparison to the proportions of galled stolons. Just because there are a lot of galls does not mean that the proportion is substantial.