Environmental Impact on Rye Yield and Grain Quality




By Russell Mcmurty and Taelynn Graham

[Russell] This project was the first time I delved into something that you could hold this semester and I’m glad I had the help of Taelynn Graham. We started with lengthy conversations about how people interact with data and the impact of small multiples on the field of Data Visualization. With this conversation in our back pocket, we moved into brainstorming ideas that would display the most meaningful relationships within the data.

[Taelynn] Each transparency layer corresponds to a location, which then has four pieces of data being represented on two graphs: mean daily temperature and mean daily precipitation on the top, and then falling number and grain yield on the bottom. Since the Hagberg Falling Number and yield are important factors when considering a new plant breed for registration, we wanted to see how much of an impact the environment would play.

[Russell] I think both of us would love to expand this idea in various ways. I have an interest in etching the graphic on to glass or large sheets of plastic so that someone could interact with them in more dynamic ways while Tae has lots of plans as well. I think that this is an expansive idea we stumbled upon and I hope to reinvent it a few more times before we put it to rest.

[Taelynn] The transparent sheets were very flimsy, and the data would benefit from a solid, clear surface that would also be able to be mounted, in order to accurately line up the graphs if you wanted to. An installation piece where glass layers could be moved horizontally might make for some interesting interaction, and increasing the scale by at least double turns it into a full-body immersive experience.

The final transparency sheets being layered together