Spring 2016

By Rusty McMurty

Hey there. My name is Rusty McMurtry and I’m the Lab’s intern this semester. I’ve been doing independent studies with the Lab over the past couple of semesters as a New Media student. I’ve transitioned to intern for my last semester to finish out my degree and boy-oh-boy do I have some cool stuff to tell you all about.
The whole Lab has embarked on a, “Setup Semester”. We’d gotten lots of new equipment and had started moving in a thousand different directions at once. Leanne and Denton figured it would be a great time slow down and take stock of all the interesting things we’re now able to do. Everyone here has dove into the machines and programs and started making manuals and example pieces. I’ve personally learned how to use and maintain the MakerBot Replicator 2, as well as use the Roland vinyl cutter (which I made a manual for), the Laser Cutter (currently working on the manual and examples), and the other 3D printer – the Ultimaker 2 Extended.
A few of the students/interns in the Lab are starting on Data Physicalizations and the final products should be interesting with all the new tech they’re using. There’s a general excitement around the idea of sharing ideas and working with different mediums. We have no doubt it will lead to better and better things moving forward. Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with in the next little while!

The site should a get a bit of an overhaul over the next little while as we move forward with a light visual redesign, so look for that!

Talk soon.