I Dream in Data

By Danin Lawrence

My first work determined itself to be based exclusively on my first response.  It is my way of activating my own investigation towards taking in entirely new scenery.  My initial reaction to the tour and the lectures at the Lethbridge Research Station was: How am I going to cross over to all of this new information when it is not in a language that I can easily understand?  I began to consider ways in which this cross over becomes manifested.  To me, the answer that arrived was about a personal limited understanding but couldn’t it be simultaneously about unlimited possibilities?  How might those two notions arrive at the same place and at the same time?  I decided that I would set myself parameters and create a work that I hoped reflected processes that showed limits.  I limited myself to one material that also has limited abilities of use.  I limited the supports used and I chose limited steps through which to take the material through.  These limited processes that I had taken the material through, at the end, were placed in an eclectic installation.  The installation was very important to this piece.  I wanted to evoke a sense that there is still so much possibility that is, even within limitations.